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Find out the true origins of The Governor, the most vile and deadly villain to appear in The Walking Dead series. Discover his transformation into the monster we grew to know, presented in a deluxe format that will keep it looking pristine on a bookshelf for decades to come. A must have for any die-hard Walking Dead fan, and the perfect gift for, well, anyone!

$ 74.99 $ 50.00

A fashionable army style hat with stylish wear marks and emblazoned with the All Out War faction of your choice. Available in two colors, black and dark green.

$ 19.99

Life as you have known it exists no longer. Traditional commerce and frivolous living have given way. Enter a world where quick wits, guts and ingenuity mean the difference between life and death. In the Walking Dead Monopoly game you will wheel and deal for your very survival. Can you buy, sell, trade and backstab to survive a world of the dead? Optional speed play as you fight to the finish. Based upon the original graphic novel series.
AGES 13+
2-6 Players


Custom The Walking Dead Game Board

28 The Walking Dead Title Deed Cards

6 collectible tokens: Bucket of body parts, Katana, Rick’s hat, Telephone, R.V., Lucille

16 Scavenger Cards & 16 Supply Chest Cards

32 houses renamed walls & 12 hotels renamed guard towers

2 dice


$ 39.95